Saturday, January 21, 2012

English Crime Novels - Derek Raymond

Have I read “Marriage Plot”? No. “Iq84”? No. “Cat’s Table”? No. “Rules of Civility”? No.

Why? Because I’m obsessed with Derek Raymond and learning the Queen’s slang. If you’re not English best to have an English friend at hand or at least Google so you can understand what you’re reading.

“Berks, tealeaf, coming the acid, moody, punter, SE12, John Bull, done bird, pettifogging” ? Hmm…
Yeah, the underbelly of London in the 1980’s – shocking, evil, gruesome, brutal, Jack the Ripperesque, but with such fabulous writing that you’ll be bowled over.

First person narrator. The Sergeant without a name who works in London's Department of Unexplained Deaths: “We work on obscure, unimportant, apparently irrelevant deaths of people who don't matter and who never did...No murder is casual to us, and no murder is unimportant, even though murder happens the whole time in a city like this.”

If you like really, really dark noir, try the Factory series (factory means “cop-shop”) by Derek Raymond, nee Robin Cook (NOT the medical thriller author!), who said of himself, “I left the up escalator to ambitious sods like Kingsley Amis. I had the down escalator all to myself.”

I'm having flashbacks as I write this.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tommy Hawkins Book Signing

Tommy Hawkins will be signing copies of his new book Life's Reflections: Poetry for the People on Saturday, January 28th, from 2 - 4 pm.

It is his hope that Life's Reflections: Poetry for the People will be a dynamic, entertaining and uplifting experience for life. The wide spectrum of areas covered, include love, women, sports, psychiatry, travel, music, family, relationships, the 1960s and much more.

A native of Chicago, Illinois, Tommy Hawkins has enjoyed an incredible career as a college basketball All-American at Notre Dame, 10 years in the NBA playing ball with the Cincinnati Royals and Los Angeles Lakers (he played with Wilt, Jerry, Elgin, Oscar and many others), an Emmy Award-nominated radio and television broadcaster, event host and motivational speaker as well as a public relations vice president with the Los Angeles Dodgers for 18 years.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Author Signing with Dr. Nina Shapiro

Dr. Nina Shapiro will be signing copies of her book Take a Deep Breath: Clear the Air for the Health of Your Child on Saturday January 14th from 1-3 pm.

Take a Deep Breath is a comprehensive, accessible, and indispensible guide for parents, caregivers, teachers, pediatricians, and other healthcare providers on the subject of children s breathing issues. The book provides a thorough review of breathing issues, differentiating the normal and abnormal for all ages, and at all levels of breathing passages. Take a Deep Breath explains all of the puzzling and oftentimes distressing breathing patterns our children have throughout development.

From the uppermost part of the breathing apparatus, the nose, to the lowermost part, the lungs, this book explains which problems are truly worrisome, and which are actually normal stages in a child s growth. Take a Deep Breath will enable the reader to do just that, take a deep breath, and get a better, clearer understanding about what s going on when your children breathe in and out. While pediatricians and other healthcare providers have expertise in all aspects of childhood illness, this book sheds new light on the latest research in pediatric breathing issues, sleep issues, and airway safety. Consisting of age-based sections, with location-based and problem-based chapters for each age group, each chapter also provides a 'to-do' list, offering successful preventions and treatments that can easily be done at home.

About 80 to 90% of children, at one time or another, have breathing problems. Take a Deep Breath will be a welcome, indispensible tool in all households with children. Day care providers, grandparents, babysitters and nannies, and parents clubs will all benefit from this book immensely.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Guest Review by Teva Rose

The Humphrey series
Written By: Teva Rose -8 years old, in third grade at Larchmont Charter School

Humphrey is a classroom hamster. Reading about a hamster may seem boring but Betty G. Birney makes it very fun! Humphrey has courage, confidence, and pride. He’s an amazing little guy. First, he has great ideas. If one of his classmates is in trouble, Humphrey will always hatch up a great plan. Next, he is very confident. If Humphrey’s plan doesn’t work, he’ll always come up with a new one and those plans will always succeed. Finally, Humphrey inspires many people. For instance, the school custodian. Humphrey found him a girlfriend and they got engaged! Humphrey is an awesome hamster and he stays this way through all eight books.

Here are some of the reasons I adore the Humphrey books. First, they are not scary or sad. Second, anyone can read them. What I mean is, you can read them to your self, your parents can read them to you or best, your teacher can read them to your class. Third, these books teach you lessons and are good for connections (text to self, text to world, or text to text.) Last, the books suck you in. For example, I read almost a whole book in bed (on school vacation) and my grandma thought I was sleeping! I recommend starting with the first book, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO HUMPHREY and then reading the rest in any chosen order. I hope you enjoy the Humphrey series just as much as I did!!!!!!!!!!!!!(-:

To learn more about Humphrey go to: