Saturday, August 27, 2011

Guest Review by Caroline Eagly Cummings

Chevalier's is pleased to announce that we will now be featuring book reviews by some of our younger customers!

Our first guest review is by 10 year old Caroline Eagly Cummings, a sixth grader at UCLA Lab School, and an avid reader.


Belle Prater's Boy by Ruth White

reviewed by Caroline Eagly Cummings

Gypsy Artubutus Leemaster is a girl with long, golden hair down to her waist. She lives in a wealthy environment in Coal Station, Virginia. Woodrow Prater, on the other hand, is a boy who is cross-eyed and lives in a shack with his mother and father.

Even though Gypsy and Woodrow live completely different lifestyles, they are cousins. Belle Prater, Woodrow's mother, lives a life of sorrow. One morning she vanishes. She seems to have disappeared from planet Earth. Woodrow is then forced to live with Gypsy's family.

Of course everyone asks Woodrow about his mother and where she has gone. Woodrow doesn't know for sure, but he has an idea. Woodrow misses his mother, but not as much as Gypsy misses her father. Gypsy's father died when she was just a toddler. Gypsy seldom speaks of it though, because she knows it wasn't an accident.

Woodrow likes the luxury of his new life in Coal Station. He gets new clothes, a haircut, and he lives in a big house with his own room!

Gypsy and Woodrow become best friends during their year in 6th grade. Gypsy wonders how Woodrow got over his mother's disappearance because Gypsy could never get over her father's death. But then Woodrow tells her the real secret of where his mother has gone.

Belle Prater's Boy is a great historical fiction book. I recommend it to people who like exciting historical fiction. I never really read historical fiction that much until I read this book. So even if you have never read historical fiction and you don't think you'll like it, you should give this book a try.

I love the characters in this book and I particularly enjoyed some of the stories that Woodrow tells. They are very interesting. I think that overall this book is very amazing and I highly recommend it.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Signing with Rachel V. Olivier

Rachel V. Olivier will be signing copies of her science fiction adventure The G.O.D. Factor on Saturday, August 20th, from 1-3 pm.

During one of Monica's shifts, a dormant A.I., part of an old starship class known as Galactic Orbital Dreadnaughts, or G.O.D., that Engineer Belukas thought was safely turned off, wakes up. After years of isolation and hibernation it is insane. It thinks it is God. It takes over the ship and decides it's time to bring order to the rest of the universe for the good of humankind. It's up to Monica and her crewmates to save themselves and known civilization. If it isn't already too late.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Booksigning with Jeannine Stein

Jeannine Stein will be signing copies of her new book Adventures in Bookbinding: Hand Crafting Mixed Media Books on Saturday August 13th from 1-3 pm.

In addition to signing books, she will also be offering a free, simple make-and-take bookbinding project that customers can take with them!

In her new book, Jeannine Stein takes bookbinding to another level by featuring intriguing mashups between the world of handmade books and a diverse range of media such as quilting, jewelry making, and polymer clay. The result is a book filled with incredible hybrid projects that marry traditional binding techniques to diverse mixed-media materials for visually arresting results.

The projects are designed to accommodate three levels of artist expertise: basic, novice, and expert. Illustrated step-by-step instructions and photographs demonstrate how to construct a basic version of each project, including covers, inside pages, and binding techniques easy enough for a beginner to master.

Each project also includes two variations. The shortcut version is geared toward those who love the look of a craft but could use some helpful hints. The master version serves as inspiration for those who want to take a project to the next level. For these variations, an accomplished guest artist has created the cover and the author has made the binding, resulting in a unique collaborative project. These ideas offer opportunities to reach out and combine your skills with other artists or design a more detailed project.

No other craft book offers the possibilities and challneges that Adventures in Bookbinding does. If you like to mix it up while crafting and creating, you will return to this book again and again to find inspiration and ideas.

Jeannine Stein has been making books for more than fifteen years, exploring bindings, mediums, and techniques. In addition to teaching bookbinding, she is an award-winning journalist, and she has written extensively about paper crafts, artists' books, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, and letterpress. She is the author of Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books with Recycled and Repurposed Materials.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Claudia Hoag McGarry signs "My Aries Secrets"

Claudia Hoag McGarry will be signing copies of her new book My Aries Secrets this Sunday August 7th from 12 - 2 pm.

My Aries Secrets is the second novel in the Astrology/Soul novel series by Ms. McGarry.

Meet Haven Rodriguez, wife, nurse, and doting mother of two sons, ages 10 and 13, who was living a very full and rewarding life the Big Apple. That is, until she discovers her husband of 15 years, Jerod, has been involved with perfect "Italian hour glass" Sophia.

Now, one year later, he has disappeared and she is torn between fearing there is foul play or, even worse, that he may have gone back to his Italian mistress. She's living the daily dread of anxiety as the NYPD searches for her missing husband.

Haven gets in touch with Tempest, protagonist from My Scorpio Soul, asking for help and guidance. Ultimately, she has to reach her own consience about how to deal with the hand she has been dealt. What she doesn't know is that Haven's pain is tearing Tempest apart.