Saturday, October 2, 2010

Book Signing with Deborah Eden Tull

Deborah Eden Tull will be signing copies of her book The Natural Kitchen: Your Guide to the Sustainable Food Revolution on Sunday October 10th from 1-3 pm.

This quietly revolutionary guidebook picks up where the bestselling Process Self-Reliance Series' The Urban Homestead left off and brings us into the kitchen, where the daily choices we make involving food have a profound impact both on our lives and the world at large.

Deborah Eden Tull draws upon years of experience as a monk, organic farmer, and chef to introduce simple but life-changing ways for urbanites to adopt a more mindful relationship with food, from shopping, menu planning, cooking, growing, and storing food, maintaining the kitchen, and eating out, to community food sharing and tips for parents.

Beautifully illustrated, practical, and fun, this book is filled with anecdotes and step-by-step instructions to inspire neophytes and experienced homesteaders alike. The Natural Kitchen's introspective and educational journey will inspire action and change forever the way readers relate to food, the environment, and their daily lives.

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